M.Sc. Syllabus:

PEOs, PSOs, and POs of M.Sc Physics

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Forth Semester
Mathematical Methods of Physics-I (PH-8101) Classical Electrodynamics (PH-8201) Condensed Matter Physics-I (PH-9101) Condensed Matter Physics-II (PH-9201)
Quantum Mechanics-I (PH-8102) Atomic and Molecular Physics (PH-8202) Plasma Physics (PH-9102) LASER and its Applications (PH-9202)
Electronics (PH-8103) Quantum Mechanics-II (PH-8203) Statistical Physics (PH-9103) Digital Electronics (PH-9203)
Classical Mechanics (PH-8104) Mathematical methods of Physics-II (PH-8204) Nuclear and particle Physics (PH-9104) Radiation Physics (PH-9204)

Physics Lab-I (PH-8151)

(Electronics, Optics and Microwaves)

Computational Lab (PH-8251)

(Computational Physics Lab)

Physics Lab-II (PH-9151)

(Atomic, Nuclear Physics and Microwaves)

Physics Lab-III (PH-9251)

(Material Science and Digital Electronics)


Project Work (PH-9252)

B. E.- Applied Physics Syllabus (Theory and Practical) :

Applied Physics (BSPH- 401)

Open Electives (OEPH-611A, 611B, 612T, 621T, 622T, 711T)

Integrated Certificate Diploma (ICD) – Applied Physics Syllabus (Theory and Practical) :

First Semester Second Semester
Physics-I (PH-111) Physics-II (PH-121)