Research Scholars

Research Scholars at Present working in the department:

S.No. Name of Ph.D. Scholar Supervisor Thesis title/Field of Research Registration Number  
1 Prem Pankaj

Dr. K.S. Mann &

Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur

Dielectric properties of Agri-food and biomass materials relevent to Dielectric heating PPH1501
2 Rajveer Kaur Dr. S.S. Ghuman Temperature dependendent swift heavy ion induced effects in cerium & yttrium doped zirconlite PPH1602
3 Megha Goyal Dr. M.M. Sinha First Principle study of Structural, electronic and vibrational properties of topological materials PPH1701
4 Prachi Palta

Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur  &

 Dr. K.S. Mann

Effects of additives on dielectric properties of soil at radio and microwave frequencies PPH1801
5 Akansha Bhardwaj Dr. S.S. Verma Plasmonic effects in nobel metal-liquid metal based core-shell Nano particles PPH1803
6 Ankit Kumar

Dr. A.S. Dhaliwal &

Dr. Pravin Kumar

(IUAC, New Delhi)

Study of Phase Stabilization in ZrO2 by Ion Beam Irradiation and other processes PPH1804
7 Karan Bansal Dr. A.S. Dhaliwal Synthesis and characterization of carbon-based composites and their applications PPH1901
8 Kailash Dr. S.S. Verma Thermoplasmonics PPH-2131
9 Swaranpreet Kaur

Dr. MM Sinha &

Dr. SS Sodhi (ECE Dept.)

Precision Agriculture PPH-2145
10 Richa Sharma Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur

not decided yet

11 Rekha Rani Dr. M.M. Sinha

not decided yet