Courses offered by Department of Physics

Ph.D. (Part time and Full time)

M.Sc. in Physics (The batch capacity is of 25 students)

Bachelor of Engineering Degree

Sr. No.                               Subject                                                                          Subject Code

1.                                      Applied Physics                                                             BSPH-401(T) & BSPH-402 (P)

2.                                      Open Electives

            •  • Analytical Mechanics                                                  OEPH-611A
            •  • Statistical Physics and thermodynamics                    OEPH-611B
            •  • Basic Materials science                                              OEPH-612T
            •  • Plasma and its applications                                        OEPH-621T
            •  • Radiation Biophysics                                                  OEPH-622T
            •  • Laser and its applications                                           OEPH-711T


Integrated Certificate Diploma (ICD)

Semester     Subject                                             Subject Code

1                      Physics-I                                            PH-111(T) & PH-111 (P)

2                      Physics-II                                          PH-121 (T) & PH-121 (P)